About The Voice

About Louise

Louise has a natural deep voice with a well spoken english accent.

Following her Voice Over training course in 2004 with Michael Groth of Big Mouth Productions, and former presenter of ‘That Life’, Louise has promoted her voice in the corporate world and found clients via networking and word of mouth referrals.

Louise has recorded audio for Video Production companies, telephone software companies, Corporate DVD’s, local radio stations, and pre recorded announcements.  Should you require some audio recorded to help promote your business or you would like a video or image slideshow created with audio commentary, please get in touch.  Louise also presents to camera reading from an auto cue.

If you would like to feature in your video or in the audio but don’t feel comfortable, then Louise can interview you with a series of agreed, structured questions.

In partnership with Keith Davies-Evans and Ges Ray, Louise has produced Presenting Skills workshops taking place at various venues across Surrey and Sussex, helping business people gain confidence in public speaking and create engaging and fun presentations, to help maximise the opportunity of presenting their businesses at the many networking events.  If you are interested in more information please visit our website www.presentationexcellence.net  To view the image / audio slideshow promoting these workshops please click here

Louise produces a choir concert annually called Choiroke whereby choirs are brought together from across Surrey and Sussex for one night only with some audience participation (hence the name of the event!).  The choirs showcase themselves by singing 3 numbers – one of which is a Choiroke number where the audience joins in.  The choirs all sing together in some massed numbers.  Louise produces the rehearsal videos and the voice overs.  It’s a musical extravaganza and more information can be found at www.choiroke.org.uk  To view the image / audio slideshow promoting Choiroke please click here

The organisation behind Choiroke is a social enterprise called BRAVO.  The objectives of this enterprise are to connect both the businesses and communities across Surrey and Sussex through community events like Choiroke but also business networking events.  For more information please visit www.BRAVOBizEvents.co.uk  To view the image / audio slideshow promoting the BRAVO business networking events please click here

Louise is a distributor for Forever Living Products promoting good health and wellbeing by using and consuming their Aloe Vera Products.  For more information and to purchase products please click the link:  www.aloehealing.co.uk  To view the image / audio slideshow promoting Aloe Vera please click here

In 2008 Louise created her own little product which she brought to market in September 2010.  It is called Strupz and is a unobtrusive stirrup device which clips to the bottom of trousers and jean legs to form a stirrup help to keep your trousers tucked neatly inside boots eliminating the baggy knee look.  For more information please visit www.Strupz.co.uk  To view the image / audio slideshow promoting Strupz please click here