Voice with image slideshow

Voice with image slideshow

Louise produces videos using an image slideshow with audio commentary.  Examples of images could be quality photos, logos and screenshots.  To see examples of these image / audio slideshows, please watch the videos below showcasing Louise’s other business projects.  If this is a marketing tool that you feel will help benefit your business, please contact Louise via the website.  The added bonus is that by having video content on your website which is streamed from YouTube organically improves your website’s SEO.

Forever Living Productsimages

Forever Living produces a wide range of health and well being products helping people with all sorts of skin conditions and other ailments.  For more product information please visit the website www.aloehealing.co.uk and watch the image / audio slideshow below.

Presenting Skills WorkshopsNetwork logo

If speaking in public is something that you fear yet you need or should do it to help promote your business, then check out these amazing workshops to help you overcome this obstacle  www.presentationexcellence.net

If you struggle to build engaging and informative presentations then contact Louise as she will work with you for an affordable hourly rate to help you design and create your presentation.   Please see image / audio slideshow below showcasing the workshops.

Strupz VideoStrupz R colour

Strupz are a complimentary accessory to boots helping eliminate the baggy knee area when tucking jeans into boots.  For more information and to purchase a pair of Strupz please visit www.Strupz.co.uk


Louise also produces various videos used at BRAVO’s Choiroke concerts both in Surrey at The Dorking Halls and Sussex at The Hawth to help promote the choirs involved.  For more information about these events, please visit www.choiroke.co.uk

The videos below showcase Choiroke.

Below is a trailer video promoting the choirs in rehearsals for the massed choir numbers.  This is just film footage and music.

These videos showcase the choirs partaking, promote them and show them in training.  Here is an example of one of the videos using still photos, Louise’s voice and home movie training footage.

Local Radio station in East Grinstead, Meridian FM kindly supported BRAVO by recording the event and interviews.  Louise created a slideshow to accompany the audio – please see the video here


BRAVO is a social enterprise which produces Choiroke and also runs business networking events.  For more information please visit www.BRAVOBizEvents.co.uk and watch the image / audio slideshow below.